Posted on: October 15, 2009 9:50 am

Notre Dame VS USC, Can the Irish pull it off?

I write this bog just looking for some opinion on the weeks game Notre Dame VS. USC. This is the biggest game of the year for the Fighting Irish and we have had some close ones this year but Jimmy Clausen has led us to victory. Yes we have had close game against teams with winless records, but is this year the year we at least make a game of this match up or does USC's defense stop us dead in our tracks. I beleive we can score on USC but beleive it or not I dont think it will be trough the air. USC has the toughest secondary in tha NCAA so it will be tough for Clausen to put it in the endzone. We might se a little wild cat action in the redzone. I truley believe if we can run the ball on USC and stop them from running the ball which will not be an easy task with the ups and downs of our defense have a shot. If we blitz a little less and are able to control the run maybe get a few turn overs. I think the Irish just might be able to pull this one off. I just hope it is a great game and I"m not drowning my sorrows in a beer by halftime.
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Posted on: October 15, 2009 7:33 am

The penguins are on a roll !!!

Here we are a start to the new NHL season. But for the first time in quite a few years regardless how the team ends up like last year’s championship we are dominating teams. My question to everyone with our past history of slow starts is. Do you think this good or bad, I mean the last two years that we made it to the cup we have had the talent but we needed end of the season pushes to get to the play offs. So my question to everyone is this dominate start good or bad? I think we have the talent and if Marc-Andre Fleury can stay consistent we should keep it up and hopefully bring home another cup.


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